A Guide to Euro Cylinder Locks

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A Guide to Euro Cylinder Locks

20 February 2024 Locksmith Bishops Stortford Comments Off

What is a Euro Cylinder Lock?

European standard euro cylinder locks are a common choice for door security in the United Kingdom. They have a number of benefits.

Bishops Stortford Locksmiths has been installing these high-quality locks for a variety of residential and commercial clients for many years. This is a quick guide for you.

What Is a Euro Cylinder Lock?

Euro cylinder locks are probably the most widely used locks in the UK because of its pin tumbler construction. These work by using pins of varying lengths that align with the serrated edges of the inserted key to create the right pattern for unlocking.

The lock’s specific cross-sectional design profile is referred to as a “euro cylinder”. Because of their cylindrical barrel construction, they are simpler to repair, and replacements let you change the key for more security. A rapid changing of the key involves undoing a screw, taking out the cylinder, and replacing it with a similar-sized one.

The adaptable design of euro profile cylinder door locks allows them to be used with a wide variety of doors and keys. Because these locks may be used on both internal and external doors, they provide both home and business clients with an efficient security solution. The number of pins varies across different types of euro cylinder locks; some have five, while others have six.

uPVC doors
Aluminium doors
Wooden doors
Garage doors
Storage units
Patio and French doors
Steel doors

Euro cylinder locks are useful in office buildings or factories when some areas need extra security. In these kinds of situations, a reasonably priced five-pin model should usually do the trick, although it’s best to collaborate closely with a knowledgeable Bishops Stortford locksmith rather than trying to fit one yourself.